ARCHER Response Time Index (RTI) Plunge Test Wind Tunnel


The Archer Response Time Index (RTI) Plunge Test Wind Tunnel can be used to carry out the RTI and/or Rate of Rise/Ramp type plunge tests as specified in the various sprinkler head performance standards. The tunnel could also be used to evaluate the performance of other detection or protection devices, including detectors, and automatic/closed water mist nozzles, provided the limitations of the associated equipment are recognised.

The RTI Plunge Test Wind Tunnel has been designed, developed and manufactured by Archer Enterprises Pty Ltd in Australia since creation in 1996. The RTI Plunge Test Wind Tunnel is part of the FM3210 Standard: "Approval Standard for Heat Detectors For Automatic Fire Alarm Signalling".

Response Time Index (RTI) Plunge Test Wind Tunnel and Control Panel

Response Time Index (RTI) Plunge Test Wind Tunnel and Control Panel


The Archer Enterprises manufactured RTI Plunge Test Tunnel (Tunnel) has been designed to reproduce similar, if not exact conditions to those produced by the international Organisations, (as was known at the date of manufacture) to determine the Response Time Index (RTI) and Conductivity Factor (C Factor) of fusible link and frangible glass bulb type automatic fire sprinklers.

These Organisations include:-

The scientific test determines the Response Time Index (RTI) and Conductivity Factor (C Factor). [The RTI is used in conjunction with the C Factor to predict the response time of the sprinkler in fire environments defined in terms of gas (air) temperature and velocity versus time, enabling fire suppression system design engineers to design effective sprinkler systems].

The RTI plunge test tunnel is a highly specialised application-specific piece of world standard apparatus. The uniquely shaped wind tunnel is a fully integrated solution with process control for both gas (air) temperature and velocity, sprinkler response time control, and can measure pressure differences of less than 1 Pascal to a resolution of 0.0001 mmHg.

Applications & Markets

Research Organisations/InstituteGovernmentsSprinkler Manufacutrers
Approval OrganisationsSprinkler Head "In-service" or "Field Service" TestingMore...

Clients and Sites ARCHER has supported to date include:

Dyne Technologies (USA)Victaulic (USA)Viking (USA)
Senju Sprinkler (Japan)TFRI - Tianjin Fire Research Institute (China)RASCO (USA)
Archer Testing (Australia)CNBOP (Poland)FM Approvals (USA)
SWRI - Southwest Research Institute (USA)Yamato Scientific (Japan)Grinnell Corp (USA)
Fire Insureres Laboratory of Korea (Korea)More...

Response Time Index (RTI) Plunge Test Wind Tunnel Close Up


The unit and associated equipment are shipped as a complete package. The unit is manufactured and supplied as a complete “ turn-key” solution, right out of the box.

No specialised post-delivery construction or complex assembly is required, simply setup the unit in a well ventilated area (others have large exhaust extraction unit overhead, but is really only required to keep area comfortable for technicians operating the unit), and on a level surface. The only installation works required for Customer to carry out are:


The unit requires very minimal maintenance. Spare electrical contactor relays, heating elements, fan transmission timing belt, indicator light LED elements, etc., are supplied with the unit. The only preventative maintenance which may be required, would be replacement of fan transmission timing belt, with the servicing interval totally dependent upon the frequency of use. Regular general cleaning of all external and internal surfaces, including the clearing of debris from internal ducts and cleaning of filters upstream from test section, will see years of reliable service from the unit.


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